February 1, 2023

In ‘Best of the Year’, Tata indirectly criticizes Globo and mocks ‘A Fazenda’

The actress is affected by receiving the Paolo Gustavo trophy from the hands of the comedian’s mother, who was killed by Covid

December 25th
– 7:02 p.m

(updated at 7:09 p.m.)

Award-winning Tata Wernick championed TV's forgotten comedians

Award-winning Tata Wernick championed TV’s forgotten comedians

Image: Reproduction/TV

Tata Wernick They capitalized on the emergence by receiving the Paulo Gustavo Trophy in the “Best Player of the Year” in the “Sunday with HackTo highlight a serious problem in the humor business.

“It is important to appreciate the comedians who opened doors for us, who taught us so much and who are no longer called to work,” he said.

“Getting old in this profession is hard. In comedy, it’s even harder. If I could give you a message today, it would be… Call these guys to work.”

Under the watchful eyes of the guests and Doña Dia, the mother of Paulo Gustavo, presenter of “Lady Night”, who was a good friend of the creator of Dona Hermínia, insisted on the subject.

“They (the old comedians) want action more than homage. Maybe that’s a direct message to Globo.”

After a scandal with allegations of moral and sexual harassment, the broadcaster ended its humor department led by Marcus Melhem, the target of complaints from Danny Calabresa and other professionals on the channel.

Not even the famous “Zora” was spared. Dozens of comedians and screenwriters have lost their jobs. The field of work for veterans is getting smaller.

New generations of comedians have managed to survive without TV stand-up or producing monetized content on YouTube and social networks, while the “old guard” of comedy is having a hard time making a living with the knack for making people laugh.

Speaking, Tata Wernick did not miss the opportunity to poke fun at Record TV. By receiving the Paulo Gustavo Trophy, he said, he would not need to “go to the ‘Fazenda’,” citing in a pejorative manner the famous reality show of Globo’s main competitor.

Commenting that she will star in the upcoming 9 p.m. TV series, “Terra Vermelha,” she said she “would be a fan” in the cast of stars like Tony Ramos and Susana Vieira. The actor, son of Fábio Jr., has been exposed. , was critically panned for his performance in his latest plot, “A Força do Querer”, as well as for his participation in BBB21.

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