December 6, 2023
In Botafogo, Luis Castro tries to get close to the gaps that resulted in titles in Qatar and Ukraine

In Botafogo, Luis Castro tries to get close to the gaps that resulted in titles in Qatar and Ukraine

Botafogo’s 1-0 victory over Sao Paulo, in the previous round of the Brazilian Championship, reassured coach Luis Castro. Although he was supported by businessman John Textor and did not directly risk dismissal, the demands of the masses did indeed rise after the recent defeats. But against Internacional today at 18:00 (Brasilia time), in Beira Rio, the Portuguese does not need to win just so that the atmosphere of distrust does not return. It also aims to approximate the usage that yielded addresses in earlier works.

Castro had more difficulties at first in Alvenegro than in his later periods. There are 14 matches ahead of Botafogo with six wins, three draws and five defeats – with a 50% success rate. At the moment, the proximity to the drop zone is worrying despite being in the pie also close to the Brazilian’s G6.

What’s more, in the same period, in his two most prominent works, the use was much better. At Duhail, in Qatar, for example, he had ten wins, two draws and two defeats. An impressive record of 76.19% of points was won. There he won the Prince’s Cup.

In Shakhtar Donetsk, in Ukraine, he lifted the Ukrainian League and had a crushing start: 12 wins and 2 defeats – with a success rate of 85.71%. To get an idea, if Luis Castro can repeat this start with Botafogo in the Brazilian, Alvenegro will be the leader of the competition.

This difficulty is explained in the cultural differences between countries and mainly in the factor of crowding. In Ukraine, Castro always had the runway next to him due to the beautiful start of the business. In Qatar, few fees have been directed because there is no regulated bloc in the country as there is in Brazil.

At Nilton Santos, the Portuguese has to deal with accusations, boos, and even Spain’s Lunar, CT’s, invasion of the club, last Wednesday. To relieve the pressure, Castro will have to adapt as quickly as possible to the new scenario and the new culture.

Against Internacional, the trend is for defender Joel Carly to continue as a novice even if Luis Castro returns to the old scheme with two defenders, with two defenders. That’s because Cano and Victor Cuesta are suspended for the match against Internacional – the Argentine played against Sao Paulo because the Portuguese coach chose a three-defender formation.

On the international side, the atmosphere of celebrating a good stage with coach Mano Menezes. But the leader will have trouble scaling the team. First, because he will not be able to count on the steering wheel of Rodrigo Dorado. The athlete was released to travel to Mexico and undergo medical examinations at Atlético San Luís, which agreed to sign the player.

Left-back Rene is recovering from a muscle injury in his left thigh and is out. Moses directly wins the position. Midfielder Carlos de la Pena and striker Tyson are back in service after being suspended in the previous round for receiving a third yellow card.