September 29, 2023
In DR, Ivy comes out of the toilet and sets up a shack with Anne and Pe Lanza TV News

In DR, Ivy comes out of the toilet and sets up a shack with Anne and Pe Lanza TV News

One of the release plans, Ivy Moraes rebelled from the fifth formation DR of Brazil Power Couple 6 They pitched a tent with Anne Duarte and Father Lanza. The former BBB, who was already in the hot seat for worst balance, tried to avoid a head-to-head confrontation with Adryana Ribeiro and Albert Bressan, who were also in the danger zone, Brenda Paixão and Matheus Sampaio.

Fernando Burgess and Ivy voted for Hudson Neri and Elisa Vagondis and almost stopped Brenda and Matthews from going with them to the DRC – participants were terrified because the other couple fall into all the hot spots and always come back.

However, at the end of the vote, Anne and Father Lanza decide to use the couple’s power to nullify the votes obtained by Hudson and Elisa—who also voted for them—and place Brenda and Matthews in the GDR, leaving Ivy unsatisfied.

“You hit your chest to say I’m a plant, but you’re there, you explode. I canceled your vote,” the model snaps. “You’re angry just because the couple you wanted didn’t go with you to the DR,” the singer quipped. “Yes, exactly! I, at least, tried to play,” she replied.

The controversy continued until Hudson and Fernando also entered the fray. “Why did you come to question our decision?” asked Anne. “Because we didn’t do soap, I didn’t tell anyone to fuck his ass,” Ivy’s husband returned. “I’ve sent for you and I’m sending you back, you ass!” The former vocalist of the band launched Restart.

Check out some excerpts from the fight below:

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