December 9, 2023
"In Flamingo, it was leaked ...";  Wagner's future was handed over at the last minute and Corinthians warned

“In Flamingo, it was leaked …”; Wagner’s future was handed over at the last minute and Corinthians warned


The right-back missed a penalty in the Copa del Rey final and was criticized by the fans

- Wagner
© Photo: Ettore Chiereguini / AGIF– Wagner

Wagner There is a beautiful story in Corinthians, is an idol and one of the key players in Timão’s current team. But in recent matches, Phil questioned the player, especially when he missed the penalty kick in the Brazil Cup final, in the Maracana, against Flamengo.

There is also speculation that the upholsterer will not be satisfied with the styles that Victor Pereira It imposes on the daily Corinthian routine. Last week, for example, news emerged that Flamengo is evaluating the athlete as a good name for the right-back and is considering hiring him recently.

This information gained a lot of repercussions on the web and spread among fans. Bolavip Brasil’s report found that the deal with Flamengo He has no chance of it happening. All because CRF is happy with the options available to him at the moment and doesn’t think investing in a 33-year-old would be a good thing for the club financially.

Thus, Wagner naturally continues in Corinth. In Rio de Janeiro, it is already Wears Vasco shirt, where all went well. Publicly, the player has also shown no desire to leave Parque São Jorge, despite rumors that the relationship with VP is not the best and that he will not be happy about it.

Flamengo and Corinthians face each other on Wednesday (2), for the Brazilian Championship. The last confrontation between the two teams, who have already faced each other in the Copa de Brazil and Libertadores and the first round of Brazil, by the way, this match, will be the only victory for Corinthians, with a goal against Rodini. .