In France found an amazing large meteorite

Во Франции обнаружили удивительный крупный метеорит

Experts say that the meteorite, a fragment of which was found, for 55 thousand years.

October 3 in the North-East of France has discovered the biggest meteorite among all previously found. It weighed 477 pounds, according to this indicator it has bypassed previously found fellow weighing 435 pounds. According to the latest data, it may be a fragment of a meteorite Saint-Aubin, fragments of which were first found in 1968, as well as, presumably, he was on the Earth’s surface 55 million years ago.

This meteor rock 11% is composed of Nickel and contains cobalt and phosphorous.

Recent searches with a powerful detector for the period from March to October 2018 Pierre Antonine, Gallienus Alain and andré Carpentier (first search works), Brian Barrett and Emmanuel Dransart (scientific expert team and the head of the section “Impact” of the Commission of meteorites of the Astronomical society of France) had found earlier, and other fragments, and now their discovery has become the largest part of many thousands of meteorite.



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