In front of his mps, Justin Trudeau told them to focus on Canadians

Devant ses députés, Justin Trudeau leur dit de se concentrer sur les Canadiens

OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau encourages its members to focus on helping Canadians at home during the next election year, despite all the anxiety caused by international tensions.

The prime minister made reference to the trade war between China and the United States, divorce in the United Kingdom with Europe, and the threat of climate change and economic upheaval resulting from the arrival of artificial intelligence.

In addressing his deputies on Sunday, Mr. Trudeau, however, has avoided any talk of the controversial international involving Canada, including his turbulent relationship with China after the arrest of the leader of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, at the request of the United States.

A few days later, China has imprisoned Michael Kovrig, a canadian diplomat on sabbatical, and Michael Spavor, a contractor, under allegations of a wave with respect to the national security of the country. Last week, a third Canadian, in prison, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, has received a more severe penalty for his conviction of drug trafficking – death.

“People across the country, and really around the world, are anxious to see what is happening in the news and in their communities,” said Mr. Trudeau at the opening of a two-day retreat of cabinet on Parliament Hill. Climate change is a threat more urgent, with the floods and fires that destroy whole cities at a pace that is overwhelming. The two largest economies, are in conflict, and our nations, the european founders are going through a political crisis.”

Other problems of Canada

Mr. Trudeau has eluded two other problems of Canada on the international stage.

The uncertainty around the canadian economy, on relations with the administration of Donald Trump in Washington – we speak in particular of the ratification of the new trade agreement, the north american and u.s. sanctions on steel and aluminum canadian.

Canada is also on the outs with saudi Arabia since the month of August, when the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has reacted strongly to a micromessage of the minister of foreign Affairs, asked by chrystia Freeland, which called for the release of political prisoners. Saudi Arabia has expelled the canadian ambassador, and has frozen its investments in Canada and has reminded its citizens to study in Canada.

Earlier this month, Canada welcomed Rahaf Mohammed Al-Qunun as a refugee in saudi Arabia, because she said to escape a violent family,

These international tensions could complicate the task of the liberals of Justin Trudeau in their quest to focus on local issues.

Partisan attacks

The prime minister took the opportunity of his speech to sharpen the attacks that he repeated during the electoral campaign for the October elections.

It is especially made for the conservatives, claiming that they had no plan to tackle climate change or to improve the economy, touting the advances of the liberals to reduce taxes and unemployment. The prime minister referred in particular to the Allocation of canadian children.

Mr. Trudeau said that the liberals would provide hope to Canadians, adding that his opposition was a political party of division, anchored in the ideas of his old boss, Stephen Harper.

“Make no mistake: the conservatives claim to be “for the people”, but it could not be further from the truth. It is still the party of Stephen Harper, has he supported. It is the same thing: issues that divide, cuts in services and the desire to look back. They will never change.”

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