May 31, 2023

In Fustão na Band, Simone Mendes talks about the importance of Gusttavo Lima at the beginning of his solo career: “I’ll be right here…”


The artist revealed what the conversation with the ambassador was like even before the release of the new album

Image 1: Reproduction / Instagram Simone – Image 2: Reproduction / Instagram Gusttavo Lima

Separated from her sister Simaria, Simone decided to follow what she knows how to do best for her audience, which is singing. With the beginning very questionable about what to expect from the singer, Simon managed to reach impressive numbers like a meteor with her new album that came with the song “Erro Gostoso” that fell into the mouth of people all over Brazil.

Even with the huge success without her sister, Simone doesn’t forget the support she had in the beginning, especially from her friend Gustavo Lima. In Faustão na Band, Simone reveals that the singer’s appearance was important to her, as many consider Gustavo to be the country’s number one. “He invited me to take part in the show in Fortaleza when I was still thinking all about the repertoire, and how I was going to do it. He invited me into his dressing room to talk to him and said a phrase that will forever mark her.”I started.

Play / Instagram Simone Mendes

Before that, she revealed what the conversation was like in the dressing room of the artist, who spoke powerful words: “You are very special to me and if one day you need me in this new phase of my back to be a stepping stone to your success, I will be here to turn my back on you.” Gustavo said to Simon.

But as mentioned above, Simone Mendes got to the top pretty quickly. Today, “Erro Gostoso” is ranked fourth in the country in the Spotify app, being one of the most copied songs and competing with other genres, which shows that the singer may be right in this new beginning of hers. Professional life.