February 5, 2023
In "How much more life, the better!"  , Paula, in Ninem's body, you will abuse Rose, slap and hear: "She died for me" |  Come to me around - come

In “How much more life, the better!” , Paula, in Ninem’s body, you will abuse Rose, slap and hear: “She died for me” | Come to me around – come

“No need to say anything. I already know why you’re here. He saw that I wasn’t married and came after me. It wouldn’t do any good. I love Paula,” Paula will say in the child’s body.

not even Nada (Elizabeth Savala), the child’s mother, will understand why her son would say that to Rose. Guilherme’s ex-wife is much less…

“I left Paula at the altar. He left a message saying he loves me.”

“You did it? He must have been drunk,” Paula/Ninem replies.

Rose won’t understand the baby’s reaction when she sees her in More, Better Life! – Photo: Globe

It will only get worse. Paula will call Skinny Rose and say she is bad because she cheated on her husband. upon hearing this, Rose will respond with a resounding slap to the child’s face, or rather to his body.

“This is a lie! I have never betrayed Guilherme!”

Paula will also say that Rose is after Pepe’s money, due to the contract with Flamingo, which will make her go crazy. Rose will charge the player and tie her to a match.

“I shouldn’t have come here! You don’t deserve to hear what I was going to tell you! You died for me, baby!”, she would shout, before leaving.

Will it be the final end of the relationship between Ninem and Rose? Don’t miss the next chapters ofThe more life, the better!“.

Remember the last meeting of Rose and Baby before the exchange:

Paula holding Baby and Rose together

Vladimir talks about changing bodies in the series, listen!