In Moscow praised Russian girls johnny Depp threw bras

Depp has acted in “Olympic” on may 28 in the rock band Hollywood Vampires. With him lit his friends Alice Cooper, and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. Before the concert the popular actor admitted to reporters why he likes the Russians.

В Москве похвалившего русских девушек Джонни Деппа закидали лифчиками


The concert of the famous band Hollywood Vampires was held yesterday in Moscow. The musicians made a splash with his performance. Special attention was honored with the Hollywood actor johnny Depp, whom women threw bras, made a real rain of underwear.

Special relationship to Depp linked to his recent statement about Russian girls. The day before the concert during the press conference johnny said that the Russians are really very beautiful and sensual. Girls do anything to prove his “depth of feeling” at the concert. Dozens of bras flew in commending the Russians 54-year-old actor. One of the gift Depp got attached to his guitar, the others decorated the front with a microphone.


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