In Shefford, we grow… the culture

À Shefford, on cultive... la culture

The municipality of Shefford is home to many artists, who now have a meeting point to exchange, know better and, why not, build common projects. Since the fall, The Creative people of Shefford are in action.

This citizen’s initiative is the idea of the councillor Denise Papineau, which was launched last summer, an invitation to amateur artists and professionals of the territory. A small informal lunch had subsequently enabled ten of them to meet.

Quickly, noted Ms. Papineau, a chemistry that was established between the participants. From the first meeting, the page Facebook Art and culture Shefford saw the light of day, followed by visits in the fall of the workshops of the painter Mélanie Lefebvre, the sculptor Denis Harnois, of luthier Tim Mullin and his wife Suzanne Bertrand.

“I’ve always been convinced that on the territory of Shefford, there were a lot of well-known artists and other less. It has enabled us to discover new faces. And I am certain that there are still more!” believes Denise Papineau.

The lady believes that the collective is born, The Creative Shefford, comes in response to a real need “to network and get acquainted with the work of other artists.” “The creation is made to be shared.”

To this day, 26 artists sheffordois are part of the movement, both in the visual arts scene. Among them, we find, among others, Lise Létourneau, Yvon Ginchereau and Louise Lupien.

Denise Papineau does not deny that, of these meetings, could eventually rise to projects or cultural events in Shefford. Group exhibitions, performances… Everything is possible.

Even more, according to her, if the construction of a multifunctional centre is realized in Shefford, which would facilitate the conduct of such activities.

Musical group

In the wake of these encounters of artists, a music group has even been formed. Three singers and five musicians unite their talents to offer a directory that is decidedly retro (Beatles, Beautiful Damage)… and looking currently a keyboardist. Notice to interested parties.

The new band will present its first performance soon, during a 5 to 7 of the committee’s active Seniors + of Shefford.

Denise Papineau is pleased to see such a cultural dynamism emerging in Shefford. “In a year or two, we will have something really interesting. The goal is to enrich the artistic and cultural life of Shefford, using the resources found in we.”

It also reiterates the invitation to all Sheffordois who practice the art in all its forms. Simply join the group via the Facebook Art and Culture Shefford or write to the address

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