In spite of the defeat (10-3), Fortin pays tribute to his men

Malgré la défaite (10-3), Fortin rend hommage à ses hommes

Despite the defeat of 10-3 that had just undergone its Maroons in La Tuque, Miguel Fortin has lifted his hat to the 14 players and two guards who have defended the colors of his team Friday night.

“Really, these men have my respect, said Fortin early in the night, Saturday. We ended up here in these appalling conditions, but these guys gave everything they had. I salute them and I thank them for having made several hours on the road, knowing very well that this would be a very difficult evening.”

The Maroons, as we know, had to do without the Bouchard, Côté, Deslandes, Saurette, Crack, Power, Jolin and Godbout. But to this long list of absentees are added at the last minute the names of Guillaume Veilleux, the victim of a road accident, Marc-André Levasseur and Jean-Philip Carey. On the fly, to use the expression of Fortin, Waterlois have put under contract Maxime Pion, a former Inouk, as well as a referred to as Marc-André Lamy, a man of the region of La Tuque.

“On the ice, we did what we could. There has been no miracles, but it is presented.”

Dominic Savoie has really hurt the Maroons in scoring five goals. Jason Tracey, Alexis Guilbault (they have both added a password) and Patrick Tremblay recorded the net of the visitors.

Vincent Gervais began the match in front of the cage, but he was replaced by François Lacerte at the road.

As expected, the hard-Samuel Desruisseaux, Jonathan Fortier and Richard Ball have had their large share of ice time.

The Maroons (8-11-2), now eighth in the standings of the senior League AAA, will play their last game of the regular season on Saturday evening next in receiving the air Conditioning Cloutier of Cap-de-la-Madeleine at the arena Jacques-Chagnon.

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