In the jacket of balaclava

Dans le veston de Passe-Montagne

Balaclava doesn’t like the butterflies, the brand new shoes and fine jackets. He also loves the children sincerely. As his new interpreter, Jean-François Pronovost, who has done a lot of youth theatre before getting this role almost mythical.

The actor admits without embarrassment : at the beginning, he doubted the relevance of the return of mat to the tv. Then, when his agent has informed him that it had proposed for a hearing, he burst out laughing. However, he quickly realized that the role of balaclava was perfectly within its strings.

“I have been a professor of theatre, director, facilitator, monitor, day camps, and an actor with the young audiences. I have among others turned My mother is a red fish for a period of six years in Quebec “, lists a-t-il.

And then, force is to admit that the role of balaclava liked him a lot. “It is a species of clown that is in the self-deprecating humor in the awkwardness and the language. But above all, what a pleasure it is to make the children laugh. “

No, the new mother was not of the first-generation Passe-Partout. The memories he has are ” distant and buried “. “But in my room, I had a poster signed by the team and I had visited the plateau once,” he says.

A role

It has seen a bit of Jean-François Pronovost at the cinema ; the theatre was very busy ; he has also played in O’ and in Taktik television. “But a role of this magnitude, this is the first time. And this is really very big scale ! ” conceded the young man, laughing.

As a childhood dream which comes true ? “I never dreamed of becoming known. I didn’t want to become a star, but I dreamed of having large prominent roles. It was important for people to recognize me for my artistic talent. But if the fact be known allows me to play roles more interesting and have better radiation, so much the better. “

In the field of radiation, mr. will be served. The hype was huge before the release of the new version of mat and the ratings have followed the trend ; Monday, no less than 707 000 viewers have rediscovered Passe-Partout, Passe-Carreau, balaclava, Cinnamon, Prunes and company.

“Honestly, I was expecting nothing special. I preferred to concentrate on my work as an actor. But I know that at Télé-Québec, they are overly happy. It is beyond their expectations. “

Monday night, the actor has lived the grand launch of Passe-Partout in the local Télé-Québec, with the entire production team at a private screening. A great time, according to him.

“It was magical to watch the show at the same time all of Quebec. Élodie Attic (Passe-Partout), Gabrielle Fountain (Switch-Diamonds) and me, we had eyes full of water. We were really proud of the result. “

This pride he feels each time he donned the famous costume striped. “It is a work of art in itself… When I wear it, I feel like a superhero ! “

When asked if he is not going to get tired of smiling and filled teeth — toddlers rely on their good mood to a perpetual ! — Jean-François was the response in a tour. “Of course it will be a challenge during a bad day… It is not all the time in a good mood ! But among all the stuff for children that I made, I worked in Round two summers, so I already experienced the feeling of being a ‘rock star,’ for children, with pictures and everything. This is where I developed the muscles in my cheeks ! “

Many reactions

Since the release of the first episode, on Monday, Jean-François and his cronies receive much e-mail to parents of young children. Videos, too, showing their little subjugated by the issuance or even in tears before the end credits !

Inevitably, the anonymity will not be possible for the new balaclava. He still hadn’t lived, however, the pullback in person, is currently in rehearsal to Val-Morin for the part of theater Amsterdam.

“But I know that it’s going to happen. By accepting the audition, I knew that it was coming with this condition. “


Let’s talk about this hearing, during which he sang Bedon Bedondaine. To prepare, the actor is said to have relied on its ” back-ground “, and much to his instinct. It is by watching a few episodes of the original Passe-Partout that it has been clicked.

“I was moved to see to what extent the actors of the time played with heart. It was so nice that I decided to do it with so much heart. Otherwise, it’s not worth the trouble. It is at this time that I found the essence of my balaclava. “

And like the cherry on a sundae, a beautiful chemistry is born spontaneously between the lead actors, who have cordoned off the entire first season over the last few months.

It crosses now the fingers for the show, and his character, settled in the quebec television landscape for a good time… like in the good old times !


Jean-François Pronovost has spent all his childhood Allen st. in Granby. Arrived to a year and a half, he left the city ten years, after attending the native school, Parkview, and makes it a part of his elementary school, Saint-Jean, ” slipped on the hill in the park Daniel-Johnson and played hockey on the lake Boivin “. It was after his move to Boucherville, however, that he discovered his artistic bent and his love of the theatre. “At ten years old, my mother suggested that I do theatre and I said, ‘Wow ! we can do that ? ! ’ And I’ve never stopped. “He has taught theatre as a teenager, he studied in the cinema, before joining the national theatre School of Canada, from which it is released in 2012.


The piece of music in Amsterdam, in which he plays the lead role of Jacques Brel, is currently on tour in Quebec and will stop at the Palace de Granby on the 23rd of may next. The team will also set up at the Théâtre de Rougemont during the summer.

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