July 23, 2024

In the Netherlands, a 12-year-old boy wins in court the right to be vaccinated against Covid-19, even though the father opposes

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RIO – A judge in the Netherlands has allowed a 12-year-old boy to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, despite his father’s opposition to the vaccination. According to local media, the boy wanted to get the vaccination to reduce the risk when he visited his grandmother who suffers from lung cancer. Because his request was not accepted at home, the boy took the case to court. The district court in Groningen took the decision in favor of the boy on Thursday.

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The Netherlands has issued a vaccination against Covid-19 for teenagers aged 12 to 17, but they will need to obtain permission from their parents to receive the vaccination agent. In the case of the boy who wanted to visit his grandmother, his mother was in favor, but his father was against. They are divorced.

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The father argued that vaccines were “in the testing phase” and feared “significant risks to the reproductive organs in the long term”. In the court’s decision, Judge Bart Trump refuted this statement, saying that there was no scientific basis to justify such a position. In the court order, the boy made it clear that he wanted to be vaccinated against Covid-9 to reduce the chances of infection, as well as the risks of transmitting the disease to others. Then the judge ordered the boy to receive the vaccination “soon” because his interests were more important, considering that his grandmother had “metastatic lung cancer and was in the last stages of life.”

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Data from Johns Hopkins University in the USA shows that the Corona virus has infected more than two million people in the Netherlands, killing 18,528 people.

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