October 2, 2022
Friday (Alanis Jilin)

In the Pantanal, Juma escapes the farm to give birth to her daughter and confronts Solano at Tefira; The clash ends in tragedy

After the time in the Pantanal, Juma (Alanis Guillen) feels the first contractions, jumps out the window, and escapes again from José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) farm to bring his daughter in Tapera, with the help of the old man. Rio (Osmar Prado). Arriving at the place where she grew up, the young woman does not realize that Solano (Rafa Sieg) is stalking her, waiting for the right moment to attack her.

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Friday (Alanis Gillin) Photo: Joao Miguel Jr / Reddy Globo

Traitor, the killer hands Goff’s wife (Jesuta Barbosa) and says he shot Velho do Rio, while threatening her. Goma is possessed, becomes a jaguar and beheads the gunslinger. The next day, Moda (Bella Campos) and Tiberio (Ghetto) are surprised to see their friend drag Solano’s body into the river. “The bullies were where they shouldn’t be…and the jaguar was caught,” she says. “Are you a monster?” The pawn answered, interrupted by the jaguar’s woman: “If you’re sorry: finish this damned!”. Faced with this, Tiberius took the corpse to the farm. A short time later, Juma had a daughter with the help of Velho do Rio.

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