December 5, 2023
In the United States, Alexandre Matos is expected to officially take office at Crusader in January.  Ship

In the United States, Alexandre Matos is expected to officially take office at Crusader in January. Ship

Arranged by ship for more than 15 days, Football manager, Alexandre Matos, is expected to officially take a position at the club in Doha da Rabosa in January. The director working behind the scenes to create celestial actors has yet to sign the contract and return from the US, waiting for the investor’s definition.

For several months, Alexandre Matos has been performing personal duties and training abroad – based in the United States. Since leaving his rival Atletico-MG Cruzeiro, the manager has not worked in football for almost a year.

Matos will have to stay in the United States for a few more days before returning to Brazil to take charge of Cruzeiro. It will sign an agreement similar to the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) with plans to establish a medium to long term project in Rabosa. However, this is waiting for the definition of Cruzeiro investor.

Despite not having a formal relationship with Cruzeiro yet, Alexandre Mattos has been in touch with those involved in the football market for almost a month.

Alexandre Mattos is already helping Cruzeiro sign – Photo: César Greco / Palmeiras

In addition, he is in constant contact with the commission of Rabosa’s leader Sergio Santos Rodriguez and Vanderley Luxembourg. Minas Gerries participated in the signings made by the club.

Alexandre Matos has the opportunity to bring in other names to work with him on the cruise. Executive is the preferred name of the main investor, Pedro Lorenzo, who maintained a close relationship with Matos when he visited Rabosa twice.

In October, President Sergio Santos Rodriguez accompanied Alexandre Matos on a tour of Europe to deliver a course and lecture on management challenges. In 2021, after Andre Massaco left, Matrose was approached by Cruciro, but he turned down the contract.

Alexandre Mattos is a former football director at Cruzeiro – Photo: Marco Antonio Astoni

This is Matos’ third visit to Doha da Rabosa. He was director of football between March 2012 and December 2014, during which time the club was a two-time Brazilian champion (2013 and 2014) and a miniro champion (2014).

In early 2020, Alexandre Matos returned to Cruzeiro. He agreed to assist the club at the transition stage until his work visa in the UK was formalized and he signed a contract with an English team. The international situation was not confirmed, and Matos was hired by Atlético-MG.

Five Star Partner – Cruciro – Photo: Advertising