November 30, 2023
In this photo, a bird without a pair

In this photo, a bird without a pair

Seven matching mistakes, optical illusions and puzzles are good companions to have fun and pass the time. In the next image, you will see a figure full of birds. They all accompany except one. So your task should be to find the unique bird. Read on and do this Visual challenge to test your ability.

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Reasons to challenge yourself

Logical challenges are good for the brain. But in addition to this, it is possible to play, have fun, train the mind with puzzles, guessing games and even memory tests.

The idea is to stimulate the brain to think differently and maintain the connections that make us think and maintain good memory, especially long-term ones. It is important to say that with technology, these games are much more accessible, without the need to purchase training books or magazines.

Looking for the lonely bird

Can you imagine what it’s like to be in a place full of couples while you’re single? This situation, very common in a group of middle-aged friends, is represented in the following image. But today is different. Instead of people, you should find a unique parrot.

Visual challenge to test your ability

In the blue background form it is possible to see several parrots, of all colors, hanging under a wire. There are more than 40 parrots involved in different activities, such as playing, flirting and even napping.

To make the game more challenging, set a timer and watch how long it takes to find the lone parrot. Run your eye along the entire length of the frame and focus on the smallest details, as they are crucial for you to find the animal.

Challenge answer: Find the parrot

This is the time to stop the timer and see how long it took you to find the parrot. If you did it in record time, congratulations. If you can’t find it or it’s been a while, no problem. Visual challenges require practice to become more acute in solving them.

The image above is an intellectual challenge. You can benefit from mathematical thinking, observation, and a little focus. The parrot can be found in a short time.

The bird alone in the whole picture is in the second row next to the parrot in the black hat. If you notice, this row has 11 parrots, and the only unpaired and unsuitable ones have a green tail and a red body. See the circuit below.