July 21, 2024

Income tax paid on alimony can be recovered

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Income tax paid on alimony can be recovered
Income tax paid on alimony can be recovered

By decision of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Income Tax (IR) paid on alimony will be returned to the taxpayer. In this way, it directs the Federal Revenue Service to make corrections to the declarations of the past five years so that the citizen receives all Value Who overpaid in the period.

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The decision takes into account the fact that IR should not be imposed on amounts received as a pension. Therefore, it was decided that taxpayers who paid taxes on this income could get their money back for the years 2018 to 2022. Many celebrated the good news.

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According to the instructions given by tax authoritywho — in the past five years — filed the return and listed the amount as taxable income that can correct the return and make the adjustment.

The STF’s decision is clear, and for this reason, alimony should not be taxed. The taxpayer must submit the revised declaration for the year in question in order for the amount to be returned.

Also according to the agency, if the payment is made for more than a year, the taxpayer must send a rectifier for each year. For this, the citizen must have access to the ad generator program. The service is available through the e-CAC portal and also on the “Meu Imposto de Renda” app.

It is necessary to indicate the delivery receipt number of the declaration to be corrected. However, it is necessary to pay attention to one point: the taxpayer must keep the chosen deduction form when filing the return.

Based on the change, the value of alimony Which is declared as taxable tax must be excluded. For this, it will be necessary to inform the option “Exempt and non-taxable income / others” as “Alimony”. Other information must be kept.

If the amount to be returned is greater than the amount of the original advertisement, the difference goes to the account The bank account indicated by the taxpayer during the declaration.

On the other hand, if the balance of the tax already paid after correcting the return is reduced, the excess amount will be is back Through an electronic refund request (Perdcomp).

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