December 3, 2022
Increase battery consumption with iOS 16?  Learn how to solve it

Increase battery consumption with iOS 16? Learn how to solve it

I felt you Iphone Is your battery draining after updating to iOS 16? Although the update is offered immediately, changing all settings depends on small operations. This way, even if the tools are working, you can be sure that they are all in the debugging phase.

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Therefore, there is an overload that increases power consumption, which is criticized by users who need to use the device daily.

old problem

Apple is a world-famous brand for producing high-quality smartphones, but this design potentially compromises charging time. In general, the iPhone discharges faster than other mobile phones, however, the company claims that it is making the necessary efforts to improve in this regard, and strives to provide a 100% effective experience.

The most obvious solution

The more you use your phone, the more the new operating system demands processing power, which reduces battery life.

So, find alternatives to turn it off for the next few weeks and start messing around with apps only if there is an urgent need. Remember that it will be released soon iOS 16.1 Fixed without “copy and paste” functionality limitations.

Constantly updating apps

Old applications only consume more battery power, as the system, ready to read the latest resources, takes more time to reproduce the interfaces.

Also remember to restart your iPhone, confirm all major settings, and keep social networks out of the background, because any notification also overloads.

Finally, check that your battery is working properly and seems to be safe, as well freighter It should be stored carefully to avoid spoilage. Activate the battery saving mode of your cell phone and use all the tools that allow you to manage this consumption, increasing the time of use of your smartphone.