June 20, 2024

Inflation DETONA food stamp, which only lasts 13 days

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Inflation DETONA food stamp, which only lasts 13 days

The value of the Meal ticket Of the Brazilians did not follow the rise in inflation, which falls on the average cost of eating out. A survey by Sodexo Benefits and Invisions showed a lower value surcharge in the face of higher prices.

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The submitted questionnaire took into account an average value of 40.64 Brazilian Real, provided by the Brazilian Association of Workers’ Benefit Companies (ABBT). The research takes into account that the duration of granting the food stamp is 22 days, which is the number of working days in collaborators.

As Sodexo explained, since the beginning of the epidemic, in 2020, until June this year, the meal ticket only lasts 13 days. A year ago, in 2019, the period was even longer, reaching 18 days. In practice, this means that the worker has to pay 9 days of his salary for lunch.

Meal Coupon Adjustment Below Inflation Rate

Companies seem to be alert to the scenario of changes in the offer of benefits, with proposals to readjust the value of credit. In the first quarter of this year alone, companies of all Food Stamps volumes increased an average of 7.24%.

However, it does not appear that the increase in the adjustment was sufficient to overcome the indicators of inflation. According to the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA), which IBGE measures to show price increases, inflation through March was 11.3%.

The high cost of dining out across regions

According to the reduction conducted by the research, the largest increase in prices for those who need to eat out was felt in the Northeast region, whose value rose from R$23.74 to R$40.28. A rise of 69.6%.

On the flip side, the least different dish is found in the northern region, where the dish, which cost R$30.45, now costs R$36.14—a variation of 18.6%.

Meanwhile, in the Southeast, the value of dining out increased from BRL 29.85 to BRL 42.83 and from BRL 26.85 to BRL 34.20, an increase of 27.3% in the Midwest. In the south, the average value increased by 39.32%, from R$26.55 to R$36.97.

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