March 30, 2023
Inflation in the US and 4 more themes affecting the stock market today - 10/13/2021

Inflation in the US and 4 more themes affecting the stock market today – 10/13/2021

Check it out from Cafe Com Mercado UOL, Five lessons to move the stock market this Wednesday (13).

1) Inflation in the United States – The CBI will release official US inflation this Wednesday (13).

The rise in inflation has worried investors. As prices progress, the US Federal Reserve should raise interest rates. The move is forcing the country to cut incentives for the economy. It is worrying that without them, America would not have the strength to continue to grow.

This change directly affects the decision of U.S. investors to hold a portion of these investments.

This could trigger a movement to withdraw foreign capital from the country, boosting the dollar and pressing for a fall in shares of Brazilian companies.

2) Interest in the United States – Also on the US agenda will be the minutes of the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve, Fomc, which is responsible for the decision on interest rates this Wednesday (13th).

Investors fear that the country’s interest rates will rise again sooner than expected – which could affect investment decisions around the world.

Minutes bring the point of view of Fomc members in this regard, and it may move the market today.

3) US Debt Ceiling – Last Thursday (7), the US Senate approved a bill that would temporarily increase the country’s debt ceiling to $ 480 billion.

Before going to the US President for approval, Joe Biden, The bill is to be approved by the House of Representatives, whose vote is scheduled for Tuesday (12).

Consent is required for the country to fulfill its obligations and not to repay debts, which can create chaos in the financial market and affect the country’s good credit rating with credit rating agencies.

Until the end of this speech, the voting has not yet taken place.

4) Employment in the United States A report showing the number of jobs opened in the United States last month was released on Tuesday (12), while the stock market here closed.

It acts as a thermometer of US economic activity and can reflect investor decision making and move the market.

5) ICMS – Council Chairman Arthur Lira (PP-AL) announced last Wednesday (Wednesday) that the House would vote on a proposal to change the ICMS tariff.

The purpose of the proposal is to control the progress of prices Fuels. According to the lira, the move could reduce the value of petrol by 8% and the value of diesel by 3.7%.

With the potential to affect companies in the industry such as Petroprose (PETR4), According to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), should provide relief to the country’s inflation as it has reached 10.25% in the last 12 months.

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