February 1, 2023
Influencer accused of 'wanting for fame' after reporting harassment

Influencer accused of ‘wanting for fame’ after reporting harassment

Fitness influencer Ana Clara Rios used her Instagram profile today to counter criticism from her followers afterward A victim of harassment while traveling by plane🇧🇷 She posted a series of letters accusing her of using the case as a way to achieve her “five minutes of fame”.

“A lot of people say I have to wear a burqa if I don’t want to be photographed, there have been people who said I don’t know how to be praised, that I do it for fame or biscuits. Nobody wants a photo to be associated with violence, it’s a crime. I don’t need it,” said the influencer, who has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram.

A few hours ago, she told the social network that she had been harassed during her flight from São Paulo to Belo Horizonte. She even shared a video of the Federal Police getting close to the man who molested her.

“number I’m leaving I feel guilty that you reported. number I’m leaving Feeling guilty because you slept on the plane and wore a dress yesterday and not even bring up the topic. I felt insecure and defenseless, and this was how I found it to stand up for myself, no I’m leaving I feel guilty about that, too.”

the case

Anna stated in a series of videos that she fell asleep during the flight, and was woken up by an airline specialist who changed her seat. “I didn’t understand why, but I was kind of sleepy, automatically, and shifted with a man behind me. I sat next to a woman. I don’t know the relationship between them, but I realized that she knew they were together,” he said.

She confirmed that she found the exchange strange, and decided to ask the passenger next to her why. After that, the girl explained that she had caught a man taking pictures of Anna since the beginning of the trip. She pointed at a gentleman, and my first reaction was: ‘I work with the Internet, he must know me.’ She told me: ‘I don’t think so.’ While you were sleeping, he would zoom in and try to see what was under your dress,” the influencer said.

The young woman decided to look for a flight attendant, who advised her to contact the police. On her Instagram, the young woman shared a photo where a Federal Police agent is talking to a gentleman who is still on the plane. She also shared a photo of the man on WhatsApp, where he sent a photo of Anna to someone. Read the message “I’m going to Brasilia with this plane behind me”.

According to the influencer’s report, she confronted the man and asked him to delete all the photos. “I went up to him, and said I knew he took the pictures, that I was feeling invaded, that it could be his mother, his sister, his daughter, and that it didn’t happen. He didn’t know me,” he said..to which he was embarrassed and apologized and said he’d delete the pictures.”