November 30, 2022
Resgate/Tragédia (Instagram/Reprodução; TMZ)

Influencer fitness dies after trying to save a friend at sea, wife visualizes tragedy

What a sadness! The rescue attempt ended in tragedy last week. The body of fitness influencer and fitness trainer Daniel Gagarin was found in the Mediterranean, in the tourist city of Torrevieja, Spain. Gagarin disappeared when he jumped into the water to rescue her friend Emma Monkonen, who also died in the accident.

The entire event was filmed by the coach’s wife, Daria. In the video, you can see Emma jump off a cliff in a daring jump. She manages to swim to a rock and tries to climb, but the water drags her. Daniel and his wife both heard shouting instructions to her trying to guide her to safety.

The Mediterranean waves washed up Danielle and Emma. (Photo: clone/East2West)

When Emma is thrown, the coach is seen jumping into the sea, and surprisingly, he manages to drag them both to the top of a rock. In this part, they cling to the rock with great difficulty, while the waves hit them. At some point, Daria tried to talk again with her husband, but suddenly a violent wave broke out over them, and they were drawn into the sea and were no longer visible. On the record, the woman screamed loudly for the call but got no response. Watch:

Emma was also a fitness therapist and the victims worked out together in a gym at a local spa. According to The Sun, Russian Alyona Mas, who also lives in Spain, said that “jumping off rocks into a cliff” is a “totally reckless” activity. “I want to say to the adrenaline lovers: Please find safer activities.”, Order.

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According to the report obtained by TMZ and released on Monday (27), the body of Emma, ​​who is Finnish, was rescued a few kilometers from the scene of the accident. The body of a Russian man, Daniel, was found the next day. Danielle was 30 years old and Emma was only 24 years old.