Instagram: Ayem reveals its forms with an outfit ultra-slinky !

Instagram: Ayem dévoile ses formes avec une tenue ultra-moulante !

On his account Instagram, Ayem has shared a photo where she is displayed with a held very tight, highlighting its forms !

Ayem has made a clean sweep of the spring on his account Instagram. She has deleted all her photos to unveil an all-new project. For the moment, it is evidence of discretion in relation to the latter. In fact, his fans are wondering what she has been able to their book, but for the moment they will only be content with the initials ” IM “. While she has released her collection of lipsticks Pretty Secret there is little that can book the beautiful brunette ?

Ayem opts for a combination ultra-slinky on Instagram

Waiting to reveal its small secrets, Ayem continues to share new photos of her shooting on his account Instagram. On Wednesday, 5 December, the latter has shared a snapshot of where it appears in the face of a beautiful blue sky. On the other hand, it does not seem to have so much hot as she opted for a black bonnet and a combination ultra-slinky black also. With this outfit, she never fails to put its forms and, more precisely, his chest in value. As always, her makeup is great and she has garnered over 8,000 “likes” for this new template.


Tuesday, December 4, Ayem Nour shared a photo on her behalf Instagram where she reveals only her mouth. Between his lips, the young woman also holds one of the lipsticks red of his collection Pretty Secret. The reason for this ? She announced the winner for its contest. In fact, a few days ago, she said that she would save his collection to one of its subscribers.

In the caption of her photo Instagram, Ayem has also written : “You have been very many to participate in the contest to win the collection of red lip full limited edition ! So I decided to draw not 1, but 3 winners ! @myriam_hm @justineprd @elodie.lmrh congratulations ! 💋💄 “. It has also garnered more than 2,800 “likes” in four hours. The winners were warmly thanked the young woman. Those who have lost have said they were disappointed but very happy for those who had the chance to win this beautiful gift.


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