December 6, 2023

Instagram CEO announces timeline feed returns in 2022

CEO InstagramAnd Adam MosseriOn Thursday (9), he stated that the platform plans to return the timeline feed starting next year. The statement was made during a hearing in the US Senate, where Mosseri’s lawyers asked about the app’s impact on the mental health of younger users.

The previous version allowed users to sort posts chronologically, rather than sorting them according to the platform’s algorithm.

The change raised concerns about how the algorithm forces users to adopt harmful habits, such as eating disorders.

“We’ve been focused for a few years on how to give people more control over their experiences. One idea we’ve tried publicly is called Favorites, where you can choose a subset of people you want to appear at the top of the feed. Another one we’ve been working on for months is a chronological version of Instagram. I’d like to have a specific month to report now. “But now we’re looking at the first quarter of next year,” Adam Mosseri said.

Mosseri acknowledged the need to modernize and organize the role to keep people safe online. In addition to adding the need for more tools for parents to have more independence from minors on the platform.

*With information from Ana Gabriela Costa