Instagram: Kim Kardashian released a gift set with 3 scents !

On his account Instagram, Kim Kardashian has shared a photo where she was entrusted with taking out a gift box with its three fragrances !

This Friday, November 30, Kim Kardashian has shared a photo on his account Instagram where we can see a small cabinet. Inside, the beautiful has placed three small bottles. And these contain its three different fragrances. Indeed, on the occasion of the celebrations of the end of the year, she has decided to launched a gift box special !

Kim Kardashian unveils a gift box with its perfume

In the caption of his photo Instagram, Kim Kardasian has also written : “New gift boxes Trio Crystal Gardenia #KKWFRAGRANCE just in time for the holidays! The gift set includes 3 scents signatures in bottles of 10 ml format Traval for only $ 35. The garment is ideal for the bottom or ideal for travel! Available today at 12: 00 HN to KKWFRAGRANCE.COM ” . It has also garnered more than 104 900 “likes” in just three hours !

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A publication shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on 30 Nov. 2018 at 9 :57 am PST


On social networks, Kim Kardashian is revealed regularly in his little outfit or completely naked. In fact, she loves her own body on her account Instagram and do not hesitate to show it to its subscribers, even drawing the ire of the latter. From time to time, it also shows impressive neckline showcasing his impressive chest !

On Wednesday, November 28, Kim Kardashian shared a photo on his account Instagram, where she revealed new his stuff. She took a pose sitting on the ground, the piercing eyes, the hair in front of the face and has unveiled a sublime dress. This last is a long pattern of the snake, and also a large neckline. The girlfriend of Kanye West has even revealed half of his chest in this outfit. In just four hours, she has also collected more than 1.6 million “likes” and many compliments from visitors !


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