February 2, 2023
Instagram now has a page to report the hacked account

Instagram now has a page to report the hacked account

Instagram now has a special page for reporting account issues like hacking. The new one, announced Thursday (15), is a way for the company to offer more support to those who have problems with their profile on the network.

Before that, whoever hacked the account had to keep asking people to report the page until Instagram helped restore the profile.

The new Instagram page has a suggestive title: instagram.com/hacked The last term means “hacked”.

It has a simplified form that sends a problem notification directly to the Instagram support team.

Among the available options:

  • If you think your account has been hacked
  • If you forgot your password
  • If you lose access to two-factor authentication
  • If your account has been disabled

For people with multiple accounts, Instagram says it can identify the specific account that’s having issues.

Faster account recovery methods

Another novelty introduced by Instagram is the request of friends to confirm their identity.

In the event of a hack, people will be able to ask their contacts to verify their identity, so that account recovery is faster.

Instagram allows you to ask friends for help if your account has been hacked

Image: Disclosure

The actions appear to be related to the number of scams applied on the social network.

Since the end of last year, cybercriminals have, for example, Accounts hacked to try to sell products below price via Stories (which was never delivered) or Deposit view Across pix that make twice as much money.

Even with the reports, the account recovery process can take weeks.

Tests to prevent account hacking

According to the network, they are running notification tests. When an organization or person suspected of impersonating someone else tries to add you, for example, Instagram will notify you.

In the coming months, Instagram promises, the network will send out warnings if a suspected fraudulent account sends a DM.

People often get scammed in this way and end up giving away sensitive data which is later used in account invasion.