February 1, 2023

Instagram renders Portuguese pronouns in the app; know how to put | Social media

a Instagram Released this Wednesday (4) the use of pronouns in Portuguese and Spanish in the application, available for mobile phones android or Iphone (iOS). The novelty, which since 2021 can already be used in English, is now expanding to more languages ​​and includes the pronoun you specify in the user profile. Thus, it is possible to clarify whether you prefer to be referred to as “she”, for those who identify with the feminine gender, “he”, for the masculine, and “elo”, for those who see themselves as non-binary (that is, there is no specific gender) .

Pronouns in Portuguese are up today (4) on Instagram. Learn how to put it on your profile – Image: Disclosure/Instagram with TechTudo intervention

The idea with the novelty, according to Instagram, is to make the platform a “safe and welcoming environment” for all users. The use of pronouns on the net, for example, is used to avoid any confusion about what gender a particular person identifies with and/or just for those who feel comfortable sharing information beforehand.

To use Portuguese pronouns on Instagram, it’s simple: the resource is available in the profile editing tab, within the app. Follow the steps below to enter your plan:

  1. With the app open and your account logged in, go to your profile icon, in the right corner of the screen, and press Edit Profile;
  2. If your app has been updated correctly, the “Pronouns” option will appear just below “Username”. Click on it ;
  3. There, you can choose from a variety of languages ​​available in the app and then write your pronoun. Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch and Swedish languages ​​are available;
  4. There is also the switch that determines whether your pronoun will be available to all users or just your followers. enable or disable it according to your preferences;
  5. Then, after making all the adjustments, you just need to click on “Finish”. Soon, your pronoun will be added to your profile.

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