March 30, 2023

Instagram will go back to how it was before: the last post will appear first

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said the social network will revert to one of its old settings. The posts feed will be displayed again in chronological order.

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The news was reported by the executive branch in testimony in the United States Senate (USA). Attend the session to answer questions about security within the network. On an occasion, he commented some details about the app update.

Instagram feed will be what it used to be

Instagram’s current algorithm displays posts based on each user’s profile. That is, the feed is not displayed in another order by date. In the past, the schedule was formatted in chronological order. The most recent posts appear first.

So now creators who were only interested in relevance must reorganize. After all, posts in the feed are a very effective sharing tool. To continue to give relevance to the content, it is necessary to comply with the rules.

The algorithm of any app or social network usually undergoes updates and changes over time. In the case of related apps like Instagram, this practice is more common.

The way the feed works today has been around since 2016. However, users are constantly complaining about the way the algorithm works. Accordingly, the return of the chronological order should satisfy the users. This will also make people more attentive not to let the news through.

There is no date yet for the implementation of the amendment. However, the news should be revealed soon and reach the general public.

Digital best practices for social media

The head of Instagram also commented on possible standardization. For Mosseri, it would be interesting to create an “industrial body” to regulate practices in networks. The goal is to provide greater safety for children who use the apps. However, some parliamentarians did not find the proposal interesting. For Richard Blumenthal, “The time for restraint is over.”