June 29, 2022
Integration between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is inevitable

Integration between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is inevitable

Many users think that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp should come together in one tool. The two social networks and the messenger already have a high level of integration. Facebook and Instagram, for example, share Messenger messages. However, if the integral is extended, only time will tell.

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There are rumors that the messages used in Messenger now have end-to-end encryption. Therefore, many are wondering if this will be an indication that WhatsApp can enter the game. After all, one of the main features of the messenger is end-to-end encryption.

Integration Possibility

The big advantage of standardizing platforms is to expand the reach among users. It will be easier to communicate with friends and contacts through a single message path. By the way, this is what Loredana Crisan tells The Next Web, who is the Vice President of Messaging Experiences at Facebook.

According to the executive, in fact, the integration between Instagram and Messenger DMs was the first step. To be more precise, Messenger itself was a separate app from Facebook, until it got the integration.

It will be easy to be able to speak in one environment, coming from different applications. If one of the users is on Facebook and another is on WhatsApp, it will be useful if they can chat without having to close the application.

road of no return

According to Crisa, integration between all services is inevitable. However, it is very likely that WhatsApp users choose to interact over networks or not.

By the way, disputes about the privacy policies of the messenger are related to this issue. After all, sharing data across platforms is critical to their integration.

There is no denying the existence of technology and knowledge needed for integration. However, it is essential that the audience gradually adapts to the idea and has freedom of choice.