September 24, 2022
Inter beat Atlético Joe to regain second place in Brazil

Inter beat Atlético Joe to regain second place in Brazil

a international He returned to second place in the ranking Brazilian. Today (19), Colorado won a race Atlético jo By 2 to 1, with two goals from Pedro Henrique, at the Antonio Accoli Stadium, for the twenty-seventh round, and he was only behind Palm trees in the table. Churin scored the Dragon’s goal.

Internacional scored 49 points, outperforming Fluminense It ranks eighth behind Ferdau, the leader. It is followed by Atletico-Go, penultimate, with 22 points.

Atlético-GO will return to the field on the 28th (Wednesday) to face Corinthians, outside the house. On the same day, Inter receives Red Bull Bragantino.

All went well: Pedro Henrique seizes his chance with two goals

Pedro Henrique took advantage of the opportunity he had in the team. Beginning with Anderson’s injury, the striker quickly scored two goals. At first, he showed skill in dribbling and hitting hard. In the second, he was pushy and just completed a cross for an empty goal.

It was bad: Edenelson makes a lot of mistakes and gets reprimanded

Edenelson had the opportunity to start the match in place of Johnny, who is serving in the United States national team. But he did not make the most of his opportunity. He missed a lot of passes and ended up scolding Mano Menezes at the end of the first half.

Seven minute game review

Inter’s second goal was only validated after the VAR review, which took seven minutes. On the throw, a long ball from Dodo hit Mauricio and left for Alan Patrick. The show continued and ended with a goal from Pedro Henrique. To check if there was an impediment to involuntary giving, the video team drew lines and took a long time to allow the game to restart. After much talk, field decision prevailed and target validation.

Atlético-GO Match: Good start, but gaps in the back

Atlético-GO is off to a good start. Exploiting attacks on the left flank, Goiás’ team arrived at least twice in danger, with headers from Churín and Airton. Although they did not have absolute control of the match, the home team was effective in playing and collecting shots. But, in his eagerness to score to frighten the bad stage that leaves the team in penultimate position, the team has advanced far and given Inter what they love most: space to counterattack. Thus, in the first half, they were two goals behind. In the final stage, Churín lowered the opponent and brought the hosts back into the match.

The Inter game: All that Colorado loves

Atlético-GO has given Inter everything they love: space. As its main characteristic, Colorado regressed at the start of the game, quickly attracting the opponent and abusing plays. After being threatened several times, he relied on a single move by Pedro Henrique to open the scoring. After a few minutes the opponent’s defense failed and the second goal gave calm. Since then, Inter have always tried to explore the spaces left by the desperate Dragon’s advance, but they lost focus in the second half and took a goal, completely changing the match.

The match was delayed due to the goalkeeper’s uniform

The game took a few minutes longer to start. The reason for the delay was goalkeeper Renan’s uniform from Atlético-GO. The jersey, in dark blue, can be confused with the uniforms of his teammates, in black and red. Therefore, the refereeing team allowed the match to start only when he returned to the changing rooms and was replaced with a yellow shirt.

data sheet:

ATLÉTICO-GO 1 x 2 International
Date: 09/19/2022 (Monday)
place: Antônio Accioly Stadium, in Goiânia (GO)
Rule: Edina Alves (SP)
helpers: Neuza Inês Back and Fabrini Bevilaqua Costa (both from São Paulo)
VAR: Rodrigo Nunes de Sa (RJ)
yellow cards: Klaus, Raldney, Riccardino (ATL); Bustos, Pedro Henrique (INT)
Objectives: Pedro Henrique from Inter, with a time of 27 and 34 minutes from the first half. Churin from Atletico Joe in the 18th minute of the second half.

ATHLETIC-GO: Renan. Dudu, Lucas Gazelle, Klaus and Arthur Henrique (Ricardinho); Willian Maranhao, Raldini (Marlon Freitas) and Shaylon (Kelvin); Aarton (Leo Pereira), Churin and Wellington Rato. Technical: Eduardo Souza (Assistant)

Inside: Keeler. Bust, Market, Fitau and Rene; Gabriel and Edenelson (Lezero), Mauricio (Moledo), Alan Patrick (De Pena), Pedro Henrique (David); German (Brian Romero). Technical: Manu Menezes