September 30, 2023
Inter boost, Maroni will still generate R$8.7m for Atlético-MG coffers in June |  Athlete - mg

Inter boost, Maroni will still generate R$8.7m for Atlético-MG coffers in June | Athlete – mg

New movement in the market opened eyes Atletico MG. The departure of striker Marrony to Internacional, buying with Midtjylland, from Denmark, interests Galo, who owns 10% of the player’s “value added”. This right will only be activated if the Danish club makes a profit from the sale of the player.

At the moment, however, It is only certain that Atlético will receive another 1.5 million euros (8.7 million BRL) in June 2022This figure is in the range of €4.5 million that Midtjylland paid six months ago, of which €3 million was in cash.

Therefore, Gallo would only be able to receive a 10% premium on the profit made by the European team, if Internacional paid more than the 4.5 million euros spent by Midtjylland. The information, however, is that Inter will pay 4 million euros, and that the team from Denmark will not have the “added value” that Alfinegro deserves.

In other words, if Midtjylland sells Marrony for 5 million euros, they will have made a profit of 500 thousand euros, and Galo is entitled to 50 thousand euros (10%).

Maroni striker during the Atletico MG match in 2021 – Photo: Pedro Sousa / Atletico MG

In an official memo last year, Atletico revealed the values ​​of Maroni’s departure process for Denmark. There is still €3 million in bonuses tied to the player’s goal of participating in matches.

“In negotiations, Galo can also receive a bonus of 1 million euros per year, for the first three years, if the player plays 50% of the matches in each season. In total, the negotiation can result in 7.5 million euros for the club”, Rooster note said.

However, between August 2021 and February 2022, Maroney played only nine games for Midtjylland’s first team, being used during the reserve team’s formation period. Gallo bought the player in 2020, via Vasco da Gama, for 20 million Brazilian riyals.

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG – Photo: Disclosure