February 8, 2023

Internal reinforcement: Botafogo deposits chips in Gustavo Sauer for 2023

After failing to negotiate with Martin OjedaFrom Godoy Cruzhe looks like Sanfrecce Hiroshima to renew junior saintsHey Botafogo There is a clear gap to be filled for the right winger in the 2023 season.

As reported by “Lance” on Monday (12/26), Alfinagra “alert” plate for the situation🇧🇷 There is no doubt that there is internal concern about the occupation of the Strip. However, despite it being a priority for the team, there remains a great deal of uncertainty about how much investment can be made in the first quarter of next year for this position.

While some financial uncertainties remain unresolved, the EC Bulletin found it Many tokens are deposited in Gustavo Sawyer🇧🇷 Announced in April as one of the main reinforcements of the first transfer window, not for nothing with the number 10, attacker cost About 10 million Brazilian reals To the vaults of Alfingro in a Connection until December 2025🇧🇷

Gustavo Soyer was Botafogo’s starter at the end of 2022, In a friendly match against Crystal Palace in London without goalsAlready showing signs that this will be next year’s forecast. Behind the scenes, it is believed that with a good use of the pre-season, a player can gain the confidence of the coaching staff at Luis CastroTaking ownership, providing the expected return, and reducing pressure on future market searches.