January 28, 2023

International travel is more popular

Borders are open, countries are easing restrictions on tourists, and the dollar has been declining since the beginning of the year. These situations create an encouraging scenario for tourism, according to the experts who have heard UOL. The expectation is that more people will travel abroad and that the volume will approach the pre-pandemic level.

“To our complete happiness, the recovery is very coming. It is still non-linear, which means we are seeing peaks and valleys that vary according to the news of the pandemic. We hope to get to the end of the year with the same volume of travel for 2019 and a little less than 2019 for international flights,” says Daniela Araujo. , Director of Sourcing Air at Decolar.

The recent decline in the dollar is one of the reasons for the sector’s optimism. “International travel suffered as the dollar rose last year, but the recent drop has helped heat up the sector,” Araujo says.

Viviane Piovarcsik, Executive Sales Director at Card Verification Code (CVC)In March, he says, demand for international travel increased by 50% compared to February of this year.

“The impact of a declining dollar is very clear. Consumers who are planning an international trip don’t make the decision about impulsiveness. They usually start looking at prices and organizing themselves at least six months in advance. It ends up being more attractive to buy the trip,” says Piovarcsik.

After rising just over 7% in 2021, the dollar has already fallen by about 15% this year. But it’s not just the dollar that is playing a role in reviving travel outside Brazil. The easing of restrictions makes Brazilians feel safer to travel abroad.

“Previously, the focus was on domestic travel, but in the last quarter of this year we saw that many restrictions were no longer in place in countries. They ended up blocking some travel, but now the world is open again and that ended up encouraging consumers to do So again. International travel,” says Biovarcic.

Some of the directions Decolar identified at the time of purchase opt for travel packages, which tend to have more attractive fares, and prefer flexible fares, which allow for cancellation or date change if necessary without additional charges.

Most Searched Destinations

Some destinations never lose their luster and should continue to compete for what Brazilians prefer in 2022. That’s the case in Orlando, Miami, Lisbon, and Cancun, according to Decular. For CVC, Brazilians should also enjoy the ski season, especially in Bariloche, and European summer.

New this year, for Araujo, is that Brazilians are looking for more international destinations nearby, in order to “escape” for fewer days. This is the case of Montevideo, Uruguay, Lima, Peru, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“What we are aware of is the interest in classic destinations, which Brazilians always look for, but destinations closer to Brazil are increasingly appearing, such as Chile, Argentina and Peru. When leaving São Paulo, getting to Buenos Aires is faster than fortaleza, for example,” says Araujo. .

A survey by search engine Kayak showed that the most searches in March were Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Orlando and Miami. Check out the list of the 20 most searched international destinations with more searches in March than in January:

  1. Lisbon (Portugal): 583%
  2. Buenos Aires (Argentina): 703%
  3. Orlando (US) 738%
  4. Miami (US): 662%
  5. Santiago (Chile): 653%
  6. Paris (France): 580%
  7. New York (US): 580%
  8. Porto (Portugal): 641%
  9. London (UK): 614%
  10. Cancun (Mexico): 546%
  11. Rome (Italy): 1326%
  12. Madrid (Spain): 558%
  13. Milan (Italy): 1070%
  14. Barcelona (Spain): 548%
  15. Los Angeles (US): 614%
  16. Lima (Peru): 817%
  17. Toronto (Canada): 646%
  18. Bariloche (Argentina): 760%
  19. Amsterdam (Netherlands): 656%
  20. Punta Cana (Dominican Republic): 568%

high prices

Despite the optimistic scenario in the sector, travel is more expensive. For example, tickets to Barcelona increased by 32% in March compared to January, costing R$ 4,541.

Of the top 20 searched destinations, only Bariloche saw a drop in ticket prices (-3%), which cost R$2,735 in March. The destination is one of the bets for this ski season, according to CVC.

“There are many variables that can affect the price of airline tickets: supply and demand; high or low season buying; advance or last-minute planning; reconfiguration of airline networks; jet fuel price; exchange rate change,” Gustavo Vidovato, Kayak Director in Brazil.