May 28, 2023

Interstellar Fossil: Understand Why the Santa Philomena Meteorite is Important to Science | Rio de Janeiro

The Santa Filomena meteorite will be part of an exhibition at the National Museum – Image: Christina Boeckel/G1 Rio

It looks like an ordinary stone, however 2.8 kilos It has more history than anything else on earth. Even dinosaur fossils are “babies” next to this rock, on the astronomical scale.

This is because Santa Filomena is 4.6 billion years old! ⌛

When dust from already dead stars coalesced and formed Santa Filomena, our Sun — let alone Earth — and our neighbors didn’t show up.

So, playing Santa Filomena plays in the past!

Scroll down the page and discover this interstellar fossil:

From where he came?

📍 Speaking of neighbors, the meteor that fell in Pernambuco came from far away: at a point where the orbits of Mars and Jupiter pass today.

This ancient stone was on the roof of a house. The person who found it was researcher Amanda Tosi, from the UFRJ.

written in the stars

Santa Filomena tells stories inside and out.

Mineral analysis of a stone doesn’t just prove its age. Discover the laboratory in the meteorite An ingredient that does not even exist on Earth! and the trollette, literally extraterrestrial matter. 👽

Outside, Astronomy Class: Santa Filomena has all the attributes of an object that fell from the sky – 54,000 km / h! 🚀

  • A dark crust caused by “burning” in friction with the atmosphere.
  • Regmaglitos, marks that look like they’re made with fingers, but are actually delicate abrasions.
  • It flows, also scars from entering the earth, but on the sides of the rock – as if the brightness were pouring through small channels.
  • and the “open fracture” that proves the interior is as clear as a ground stone, possibly the result of an impact on the surface – but not strong enough to fracture it.

Fight the weather

No wonder the stone is confused with meteorites: “These are Mentorsjokes Maria Elizabeth Zucoloto, of the Meteorísticas team, which located, studied and now presents Santa Filomena.

Elizabeth explains it “99% of alleged meteorites are not.”. Then we created the term Guide. In English there meteowrongsbefore meteoritesor “meteorites”.

Exactly why it’s hard to find an object that isn’t a file GuideAmanda Tosi explains All the time little.

“One of the most important factors when a meteorite falls is that we look for it immediately,” he said.

“This fragment is ‘fresh’, and it will not suffer from bad weather, such as rain and erosion. So much so that a stony meteorite, when it falls and no one recovers, stays for months or years and ends up looking like an earth rock,” he explained.

A meteorite will be part of the National Museum’s new collection