November 30, 2023
Iolanda dies in beyond delusion?  Find out what happens to the blackmailer.  TV news

Iolanda dies in beyond delusion? Find out what happens to the blackmailer. TV news

Iolanda (Duda Brack) will have a hard time beyond the illusion. distance Stolen folder with documents that prove the embezzlement of funds from Joachim (Danilo Mesquita) in the Tecelagem Tropical and blackmailing him, she will be deliberately run over by Ursula Barbara Paz who’s going to steal the envelope with the proof. Despite the fear, the star will recover and turn around in the Globo series Six Hours.

At the hospital, the actress said, “I have another one! Seguro died of his old age and I don’t have anything! I have several copies of those papers! Joachim and Ursula regret trying to kill me.”

The scene will start when Yolanda leaves the hotel to find him Isadora (Larissa Manuela). “I made an appointment with Isadora in the plaza in front of us. Joachim is not mad enough to attack me in a public place,” says the blackmailer.

“I still think he took a lot of risk telling Joaquim that he owned these copies. He must be crazy, and willing to do anything to get that circumstance back,” warns Margô (Marisa Orth).

On the street, the star will see a car speeding towards her. will try to run, But it will end up running over. Then Ursula gets out of the car and steals the bag and envelope from the unconscious girl. “I warned you not to play with me, Minx,” character Barbara Paz says.

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Iolanda will be run over by Ursula

Iolanda will be run over by Ursula

When you find out what happened, Joachim will warn the evil one: “Are you crazy? Did she die? You can’t solve things by killing people.” She, in turn, answers: “I don’t know! I didn’t stay to see him! The important thing is that I prepared for this circumstance.”

At this point, Iolanda will already be conscious and will reveal that she has several copies of the required document. A former housekeeper’s bullet would backfire. The star will sell other copies of Isadora, who will feature everything for Eugênio (Marcello Novaes) in the series.

Globo at 6 o’clock enters its final phase this week. The exhibition for the final chapter of Beyond Illusion will be on the nineteenth, with a replay on the twentieth.

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