December 6, 2023
iOS 16 Beta: How does it work?  Who can get?  Learn all about the release |  apps

iOS 16 Beta: How does it work? Who can get? Learn all about the release | apps

a iOS 16The operating system IphoneIt was officially announced on Monday (6) during WWDC 2022, the annual conference of An apple for developers. The update will include new features and improvements such as a redesign of the lock screen, new Live Text functionality, and changes to the file iMessage. The announcement of the operating system update sparked the interest of users to install the beta version of iOS. to me google trendsa tool that monitors searches in The GoogleThere was an increase in searches for phrases.iOS 16 beta profileiOS 16 beta”.

With that in mind, the take you I have prepared a list that explains everything about the . beta program iOS 16. Understand below whether it is worth downloading the trial version and whether there are risks in using it.

Learn how the iOS beta software works and how to use the beta version on iPhone – Photo: Reproduction / WWDC 22

How to download iOS Beta? See tips in the TechTudo forum.

How does the beta program work? iOS? Can anyone download?

. Beta Program iOS Allows users to access trial versions of the operating system of An apple before their official release. The release is released to developers first, with the idea being to adapt apps to new APIs and technologies of the next operating system. After a period , An apple . Beta Program Released iOS For the public, who will be able to use/test the new features to be implemented in the OS update.

The audience can then provide feedback on the usability of new features and help An apple To identify operating system errors. Any user who has a developer account or is part of a beta program in An apple You can download the development version. Enrollment in the public beta program is possible on a trial version.An” (without quotation marks). In addition, the device must be compatible with the operating system update, so users of iPhone 7 Or earlier, for example, was unable to test iOS 16.

iOS 16 beta only available to developers – Photo: Playback / Beta Apple

What are the differences for iOS beta profile? How it works? Is it safe?

. Beta Program iOS It’s official from An apple It has two versions: one for developers and one for the public. Paid developer account users can access the trial version first. On the other hand, the public has to wait about a month to access the resources under development.

a iOS The demo profile, in turn, is an unofficial website that allows any user to download the trial version of iOS for developers. Since it is an independent channel, the security of downloading a file cannot be guaranteed iOS Beta profile. It should also be noted that beta versions are in the development stage, and therefore may contain bugs and vulnerabilities. So, even in the official beta program, some apps may not work properly on your device.

iOS Beta Profile is an unofficial program that allows you to access the iOS developer version – Image: Disclosure / Betaprofiles

What is the difference between the public version and the developer version?

The beta version has been released to developers for those with an account on An apple developer program. As such, developers have direct access to the features being tested for the new update. To enroll in the program, you must pay an annual fee of $99 (equivalent to R$484, in direct transfer).

The public beta is nothing more than the same version used by the developers and made available after a while to the public beta members, who do not need to pay the fee. In the release, the technology company allows users of the software to provide feedback to them An apple To assist in the process of optimizing the operating system.

Is it worth using? Do you have risks?

. Beta Program iOS It usually runs from June to September. During these months, versions are improved and updated according to user feedback. Therefore, the closer we get to June, the more recent the release and the more it tends to have glitches and sluggishness – a common occurrence on operating systems that are in the testing phase. In connection with these errors mentioned above, we can also mention the fact that many applications are not yet updated to work in the new version, therefore, there may be forced stops or crashes.

Also, the battery is often consumed faster in development versions. As reported by journalist Jason Cipriani in an article on the specialist website ZDNet that in previous beta programs, Iphone It completely stopped responding while trying to make a call. For it to work again, it was necessary to restore the device, which caused him to lose files and a few hours out of his day to fix the problem. The decision to use the public beta or not depends on whether it is important for you to access new features early or to use the device without instability.

In his tests take youHey iOS 16 The beta version has so far proven to be quite stable from the point of view of implementing new features. No accidents occurred. Sometimes the widgets on the new lock screen take a few moments longer to charge, but the biggest impact is on the battery. It is well known that the mobile phone is heating up more, possibly due to the increase in arithmetic use. As a result, autonomy is significantly reduced.

iOS 16 beta may have flaws and slowness as it’s still being tested – Photo: Playback / Apple

How to install and use the trial version of iOS 16?

Advice to prevent failure and not to lose your files Iphone Is to back up your device before installing the trial version of iOS 16. To do this, go to Settings and tap on your name. Then go to “iCloud” and then click on “iCloud Backup”. Once done, enable iCloud backup.

At the time this article was published, the beta version of iOS 16 Available only to developers. In this case, to use the system version, go to “developer.An” (without quotes) using Iphone Then scroll down. Then tap on the banner iOS 16 And go to “Download” located in the upper right corner of the screen. Once done, sign in with your account. An apple Developer and click on “Install Profile”. Then go to “Allow”.

Now open your settings again. Iphone Then select an option iOS beta downloaded below file An apple Identification card . Press “Install” and enter your password. After reading the terms of service, click “Install”. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get to the General tab in Settings Iphone. Then go to “Privacy and Security”. Scroll down the screen and activate iOS 16 for developer.

iOS beta 16 is out for developers – Photo: Playback / Apple

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