September 25, 2022
iOS 16 Restores Battery Percentage, But Only For These iPhones

iOS 16 Restores Battery Percentage, But Only For These iPhones

When they were released, the iPhone XR, 11, 12 mini, and 13 mini had a slight change that kept people from seeing how much battery was left.

The company stated that it wasn’t necessarily a bug, but the hardware configuration itself. However, most customers felt dissatisfied, which led to a wave of complaints.

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OS update

This month, Apple began releasing updates that include iOS 16. The 16th generation of the phone features new improvements that provide screen customization, photo editing, and additional tools.

Therefore, many expected that the mentioned versions would also be modified, with the addition of a percentage display.

Cause of dissatisfaction

Without the fix, the claims left room for developers to start working on iOS 16.1, focusing on exactly that need.

For now, the only way to check how much battery is left on the phone is to go to Settings. This makes deciding on charging times difficult and increases the risk of forgetting to plug it in.

Waiting for updates

Soon, the XR, 11, 12 mini, 13 mini and other models that need this revision will be able to count on the battery condition.

After some component disputes, such as the lack of a charger in the box, An apple Attention to requests, even in an effort to prolong durability so that the device works better.

Remember that no app or website creates a file Iphone automatically. It is necessary to wait for the official announcement, guided by notifications in your Apple Store account. One method of controlling battery consumption is the initiative to average these expenditures, and to calculate the appropriate frequency of recharging.