December 1, 2023
iPhone 13 is better in battery, camera and performance but the price... |  Analysis / review

iPhone 13 is better in battery, camera and performance but the price… | Analysis / review

the iPhone 13 It is the flagship model among the new mobile phones from Apple. It is not as compressed as mini Not as complete as forefront. Is it the most balanced purchase? What has iPhone 13 good and bad compared to others?

As for the design, there is not much to comment: it is identical to the 13 Mini, but with a larger chassis. It is a great finish and drop resistant device. It is IP68 certified to ensure it survives when dropped in water. The screen is brighter than the previous generation and the sound is better, not because of the more expensive models. Only the 120Hz panel was missing, but that’s one of the differences in the iPhone 13 Pro.

Performance is due to the integrated Apple A15 Bionic platform with 4GB of RAM. It was fast in a focused, multitasking speed test and made Android competitors eat the dust. We also have excellent gaming performance with everything running at maximum fluidity within the confines of the 60Hz screen.

the iPhone 12 It mistook the battery life, but that’s not a problem for its successor. As far as the power capacity has not increased dramatically, iPhone 13 offers 50% more autonomy. Recharging time has not improved and still takes over 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach 100%.

The iPhone 13 cameras are the same as the mini cameras. Compared to its predecessor, only the main evolution. In doing so, we make a small leap in quality, both in sharpness and colour. If you were expecting much better photos with the new iPhone, you will be disappointed. Regarding the camcorder, the novelty is for recordings with a blurry background and Dolby Vision at 60 frames per second.

Is it worth buying the iPhone 13? If you’re coming from a very old iPhone, this would be a good buy. Changing 12 for 13 doesn’t add much to the experience, as the battery essentially brought the biggest leap between generations. In the link below you can check out our full analysis:

iPhone 13 released in October 2021 in Brazil starting at R$ 7.599 And it goes from 10 thousand RRL in the 512 GB version. Currently, it is in offers of about 6 thousand RRL, as you can see below: