September 21, 2023
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iPhone 13 leads: see the 10 best-selling mobile phones in the world

The An apple dominate Ranking of global mobile sales for the month of Apriland put five models in the top ten, which also includes devices from Samsung and one model xiaomi. The data was released this Wednesday (22) by Counterpoint.

According to the “Global Monthly Phone Sales Tracker” report for the fourth month of 2022, Apple smartphones included in the top 10 selling devices accounted for 89% of the brand’s total sales in this period. a He was the sales champion iPhone 13whose standard version accounts for 5.5% of the total number of units sold.

In the second place appears a file iPhone 13 Pro MaxThe most expensive type of line was launched in September last year. a The hardest model in the series It got 3.4% of sales, followed by iPhone 13 Proby 1.8%, while iPhone 12announced in 2020, appears in fourth place with 1.6% of sales.

The top 10 best-selling mobile phones in April, according to the consultancy.The top 10 best-selling mobile phones in April, according to the consultancy.source: Counterpoint / Playback

Another Apple model shown in Top 10 of the global mobile phone sales ranking for April and the iPhone SE 2022. The 3rd generation of the manufacturer’s ‘least expensive’ phones were Launched in March A month later, it was already among the best-selling models, taking seventh place (1.4%).

Samsung, Xiaomi and 5G mobile phones

The only two brands that challenged Apple in the list Best selling phones in April 2022 They are Samsung and Xiaomi. Among the models of the South Korean giant, Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G It was the best, taking fifth place with 1.5% of global sales.

On his tail appears Galaxy A13It ranked sixth with 1.4%, which is the same percentage recorded by phones Galaxy A03 Core And the Galaxy A53 5G, listed in the eighth and ninth places, respectively. Close the top ten, come Xiaomi Note 11 LTEthe sole representative of the Chinese giant, with 1.3% of sales in the month of April.

Another point highlighted by the survey is 5G mobile phone growth, with seven tech-enabled models among the top sellers, compared to four compatible phones the previous month. The company also highlights the growing presence of the fifth generation of mobile broadband between cheapest phones.