November 29, 2022
iPhone 14 Pro: A powerful package in a compact body |  Analysis / review

iPhone 14 Pro: A powerful package in a compact body | Analysis / review

a iPhone 14 Pro It is the new mid-range member of Apple’s line of high-end mobile phones. It brings everything that the brand’s most expensive model has to offer, but in a more compact body. Does this just change between the two? Is this the one that offers the best value for money in the family?

We started with the design which finally changed after many years. As seen in Pro MaxiPhone 14 Pro also shows a new type of pill-shaped notch. This new version was called Dynamic Island and it not only accommodates the front camera and Face ID sensor, but also interacts with the system and applications. On the other hand, the back remains the same as its predecessor; Only purple debuted.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s 6.1-inch screen has a lot in common with that of its predecessor. The novelty is that it is now of the LTPO type and can reduce the speed to 1 Hz, which finally allows the Apple cell phone to have the Always On Display feature to keep the screen on without quickly draining the battery. In terms of sound, there was no change and the iPhone continued with powerful, high-quality sound.

Unlike the cheaper models in the new lineup, the iPhone 14 Pro comes with the Apple A16 Bionic chipset that makes a small jump in performance and makes it among the fastest we’ve tested. It also has excellent gaming performance and runs everything at maximum quality with great fluidity.

The battery grew, but the autonomy ended up waning, although the new hardware is more advanced. The error may be in the always on screen which is enabled by default. If you don’t mind the always-on display, we recommend disabling the feature so the battery will last longer. The charging time is still quite long and it takes over an hour and a half to reach 100%.

iPhone 14 Pro features the same imaging suite as the Pro Max thus ensuring similar quality in photos and videos. There is a good development compared to the predecessor and we have clearer images with better colours. The interface has also evolved and now features advanced stabilization and autofocus, making it not only better for selfies, but great for TikTok addicts.

Is the iPhone 14 Pro worth buying or is it better to overpay for the Pro Max? With the small price difference, you’ll have a faster cell phone, with better autonomy, slightly stronger sound, and less heat in games. Either way, the two have a lot in common and they are great phones. To check all the details, simply access the full analysis through the link below:

iPhone 14 Pro launched by Apple in Brazil in October 2022 with prices starting at R$9499 In the 128 GB version and up to 14,499 BRL To the most complete with 1 TB. Below you will find the best offers: