July 14, 2024

iPhone 14 Pro can adopt 8GB of RAM to counter the Galaxy S22 | cell phone

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iPhone 14 Pro can adopt 8GB of RAM to counter the Galaxy S22 |  cell phone
iPhone 14 Pro can adopt 8GB of RAM to counter the Galaxy S22 |  cell phone

a iPhone 14 Pro will be able to adopt 8GB RAM, which is unprecedented in products an Apple. It will be the same amount as in Galaxy S22And the recently announced by competitor Samsung. The potential novelty in the datasheet should represent a huge leap in the experience of multitasking and running heavy apps and games.

The an Apple Do not use to detect RAM or battery capacity of mobile phones. However, independent tests help to know, for example, that the current iPhone 13 Pro It has 6 GB RAM.

iPhone 14 Pro should come with 8GB of RAM – Photo: Artyom Geodakyan / Getty Images

Currently, the maximum amount of RAM in mobile phones from an Apple Available on iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro MaxAnd the iPhone 13 Pro And the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Models have 6 GB of RAM.

It is worth remembering that the Galaxy S line from Samsung It has 8GB of RAM since the Galaxy S10, which was launched in 2019. Galaxy S22 Ultra Equipped with a random memory of 12 GB. increase by an Apple It should multiply the dispute between the most popular and most powerful cell phones on the market.

iPhone 13 is Slightly faster of Galaxy S22 in performance tests. Release Pro Max First place in experiments using the programRe GeekbeNCH 5, one of the most important in the market to measure the performance of smart phones.

expect for iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is supposed to have a pill-shaped camera – Photo: Reproduction / GizChina

In addition to the increase in RAM, other speculations have been raised about the company’s upcoming release. One of them is the fact that an Apple It could rely on a small camera on the screen where the controversial notch is currently.

Seemingly , an Apple intend Charge the iPhone 14 Pro camerawhich should hit the market with a 48MP sensor – four times what we see today on iPhone 13 Pro. There is also an expectation that a future smartphone will be able to record videos in 8K resolution, a feature that is currently available on the Galaxy S22.

The an Apple It has not confirmed any information about the new generation of smartphones, which was traditionally announced in September.

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