November 30, 2022
Irandir Santos falls off his horse and undergoes surgery

Irandir Santos falls off his horse and undergoes surgery

Irandir Santos Far from “Pantanal” (Globo) records.

This column is from splash I found that the actor, Who is José de Lucas de Nada living in the second phase of the plotDuring one of the scenes, he fell off his horse and had to undergo shoulder surgery. He has been taken to a hospital in Recife, is undergoing physiotherapy sessions and is expected to return for filming next week.

The fall of Irandir, according to sources in the column, occurred during the final recordings of the actors in the Pantanal region. After the accident, the actor felt severe pain in his shoulder and was taken to a hospital in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. However, when he learned he was going to have an operation, he asked to be taken to Recife, so he could be close to his family.

This column is required splashTV Globo and the cast have not commented on the matter. The space is still open.

Erander returned to the Pantanal for the second stage after playing Juventino at the beginning of the plot.

“It’s a TV series that brings back that memory. And I thought, ‘I want, I want to counter the making of the Pantanal through rescuing and creating.’ The Pantanal gives me the opportunity to be creative – I will never stop creating things that I want to do – and at the same time, I have recognition and a tribute to what these were The story,” the actor said recently in an interview with Kim.