October 2, 2022
Is Brazil preparing to block IPTV systems?

Is Brazil preparing to block IPTV systems?

In some cases, IPTV is considered illegal and will be banned by Anatel next year.

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IPTV is a service that provides lists of TV channels to watch online. It is popularly known as “net cat” although there are some differences. But the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) intends to block the service.

The ban will be for IPTV services created illegally. Some operators offer this type of transmission through monthly or yearly subscriptions. In such cases, the service can continue to operate normally.

Many people end up using IPTV infrequently. Only when you buy a device, pay a small value, without any connection with any kind of operators or subscriptions. According to Anatel, the goal is to eliminate these by the beginning of 2023.

By using erratic IPTV detection tools, systems will be permanently blocked. The consumer will not be able to appeal, since it is an illegal activity.

IPTV Options

IPTV can be legal as mentioned above. There are some very popular options for this type of service. Globoplay, for example, is one of them, because in addition to movies and series, it also provides broadcast channels to subscribers.

PlutoTV is another option, which is part of the ViacomCBS group, which owns Paramount. It is completely free and you do not need to log in to access it. Along the same lines, there is Plex TV with 79 live channels for free and without the need for registration.

Claro TV works like pay TV, but online. Subscription plans range from 20 BRL to 142 BRL, depending on whether the subscriber already has a link with the operator as well as the options within the service.

Oi, another operator, offers this type of service to Oi Fibra or Oi Post-Paid customers free of charge. But it also allows the entire audience to subscribe from R$4.90 per month.

In addition to these options, there are many others, such as: Guigo TV, DirecTv Go, Samsung TV Plus, LG Channels, Soul TV and Vivo Play.

Is IPTV secure?

IPTV is completely safe when purchased legally, like any other type of service based on laws and contracts.

Free IPTV lists broadcasting signals of closed channels are illegal despite their widespread use.

When used infrequently, it constitutes a crime and provides for the punishment of both those who sell and those who buy. Moreover, the data of those who buy illegal packages can be exposed to hacking or any other type of malicious activity.

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