August 19, 2022
Is it possible to sell food coupons?

Is it possible to sell food coupons?

Know the rules of Food Stamp benefits and meal vouchers

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One of the best benefits that companies provide to workers is food character (VA) and Meal ticket (VR). Not everyone receives the feature and some people still have doubts about how to use the coupon.

One of the biggest doubts is that the coupon can be sold for extra money at the beginning of the month, for example. For this reason, please note whether the sale of food vouchers and food coupons is prohibited.

How do food and meal vouchers work?

a The purpose of food seal It is to help employees with their food expenses for the house. For this reason, the benefit He cooperates with all family members. Usually, meal vouchers help a professional during the working day to take meals at restaurants near the company.

The two vouchers are benefits that are provided at the will of the company, they are a bonus to the employees. This way, if companies offer VA and VR service to employees, they can participate in the PAT (Worker Catering Program), a tax-exempt incentive program.

Can I sell food or meal vouchers?

It is not permissible to sell a voucher or meal obtained by the company. a Worker Under no circumstances can the amounts received be sold and may even be fired for good reason.

Recently, some changes were made to the benefits regulation, whereby the benefit was forbidden to be used for expenses not related to food.

It is important to understand that using benefits for something other than what is required by law is completely wrong, because the main purpose of coupons is to provide an allowance for professional catering.

What are the consequences of selling the valley?

Now, if a worker decides to sell food and meal vouchers, it is necessary to understand that he will commit a crime that will cause a lot of problems to the person.

Understand that in addition to firing the employee, he can still go to prison because this situation falls under Section 171 of the Penal Code. This prohibited sale may be considered embezzlement.

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