March 30, 2023

Is it possible to use FGTS payroll to buy a property?

Find out if FGTS can be used as a payroll deduction when you buy your home, in order to increase your ability to pay.

A large part of the Brazilian population dreams of having their own home. right Now fgts A payroll loan can be part of paying for the property, which helps make that dream come true.

Contract workers can already use the funds available in their accounts fgts for this purpose. Now, the government has also released Future Values ​​Accounting which indicates FGTS to be factored into the home equity payment.

This new method was named FGTS Futuro. Its goal is to expand the payment capacity of Brazilian families in the real estate purchase process.

FGTS Futuro: How will the method work?

The new method will be available from April to those who meet the criteria for the “Casa Verde e Amarela” program – which was initiated during the Bolsonaro government and should soon be called “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” again. According to an announcement made by the new government of President Lula.

For now, only families with a monthly income of R$2,400 — about R$10.9 million, according to government calculations — will be able to commit to the new.

FGTS Futuro, as well as other FGTS services, will be managed by Caixa Economica Federal It will work as a kind of credit Delivered.

Upon signing the Active New Method Purchase Contract, the benefit is used as collateral for the payment of the installments related to the purchase of the home.

With this additional service, the family can increase the value of the repayment installments for the property, and thus be able to reduce the debt period. Understand better in the following example:

A family with a gross monthly income of R$2,000, when purchasing a home through the government program, will pay a premium of approximately R$450.

By sticking to the new FGTS Futuro, the monthly installment for this family could increase to approximately R$600.

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