Is it too late for a career change ?

Est-il trop tard pour changer de carrière ?

You dream of a career change, but you think you’re too old to do it ? Have you right or wrong to think so ? Let’s clarify the situation.

The impediments to change

According to Fanny Element, a professional coach certified in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), it is never too late for a career change, ” because there are no real limits to change in addition to those that one imposes on oneself.” These constraints can be “beliefs” (I’m too old), values (this work will interfere with my family life) or of capacities (I do not have the training required). To make them fall, sometimes it just takes a simple change of perception (my age is synonymous with experience), or move to action (I return to school !).

Jobs hated

Regardless of your age, you should question the motivations that drive you to change. To do this, name it that irritates you in your current job. Then, ask yourself if it is possible to act on these elements of dissatisfaction and if you are likely to find elsewhere. If yes, it is better to find solutions that are less drastic (change team, schedule, location, responsibilities) rather than to undertake a conversion.

Dream job

Instead of wasting your time to tell you that it is too late to change jobs, ask yourself what you want to do for the rest of your life. To help you, list the characteristics of the ideal job. “Let yourself dream, advises Ms. Element. You clarifierez and your values, and your professional interests (which have surely changed over the years), and you will identify more easily what you want to do. “

Between dream and reality

Internet Sites, meetings, conferences, job fairs, internship, volunteering… All means are good to learn more about the desired job. If your age you are concerned, try to meet people of your generation who are working in the field that you are aiming for. Also, evaluate the needs of the market. This exploration phase will allow you to confront your beliefs with reality, and validate or not your shift.

Between strengths and weaknesses

Alone or with the help of a guidance counselor, do an assessment of your prior learning, your skills and your experiences. This process will allow you to raise your know-how, as well as the training that is lacking to go looking for the job that you want.

The financial costs

It is never too late for a career change, but… don’t overlook the financial costs ! If a return to school is required inform you about loans and scholarships. Plan also other solutions, such as working part-time, in-company training or the help of your spouse. Finally, calculate the losses and the financial gains related to your future job. Adapt this calculation to the number of years that you want to work with.

The emotional costs of

Change of career can be emotionally demanding, make sure you have the support of your loved ones. “The need, go seek professional help, says dr. Element, be it a coach, a guidance counselor, a psychologist or a mentor. You will put all the chances on your side to make your dream a reality. “


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