November 28, 2022
Is Marina Ferrari rich?  The father of The Farm 13 opens the game about "wealth" · TV news

Is Marina Ferrari rich? The father of The Farm 13 opens the game about “wealth” · TV news

The goal of the gossip of the participants Farm 2021And Marina Ferrari She gained prominence on the reality show during a A fight between Rico Melquiades and Fernanda Medrado. Topic? The supposed wealth of a digital influencer. However, Jorandir Gomez, the child’s father, warned that the descendant was not born in a cradle of gold.

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“It can be considered from a family in good social condition, because we know that is not the situation of most Brazilians, but far from being classed as a rich family. It has been on the internet since she was 15 years old. In the beginning, Marina posted the makeup and hairstyles she used to do and it didn’t take long for her to hit the internet,” said a family member.

On 4 million followers on InstagramMarina shares her work on the Internet with the demands of a businesswoman: she owns a beauty salon, a clothing store, and has makeup and hair care lines signed to her name.

“Even if she was from a very wealthy family, which is not our case, that wouldn’t be a shame for her. On the contrary, she should be congratulated for being a fighter and always chasing after her,” Gomez said.

“She was always a fighter who pursued her goals, strove to improve herself and do a better job. And it all came from her because, since she was a girl, she has always pursued what she wanted. And that remains to this day. She wants things she chases and does not wait to fall from the sky. “.

Who is Marina’s father?

Marina Ferrari between mother and father (Courtesy)

Working as a businessman in Alagoas, Jurandir grew up watching her father run businesses, which motivated her to continue in the field.

“When she was young, she asked me for a doll with only a face and hair, so she could train hairstyles and makeup. Marina is chasing her dreams,” a family member noted.

The patriarch also warned admirers of rural confinement that the heiress achieved success thanks to her work and dedication.

“I have already taken several courses in make-up and hairstyles, graduated in management, worked in a beauty salon, worked in one of our stores, worked at home in make-up and hairdressing until, in 2019, I managed to set up the store with her resources,” he said.

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