July 22, 2024

Is the front taller than the back? The United States bans dangerous customization

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Veículo de corrida Baja, que inspirou customização nos Estados Unidos
Veículo de corrida Baja, que inspirou customização nos Estados Unidos

The car was reduced, or at most, changed by wheel diameter and tire thickness, many customizations had already become fashionable in the automotive industry, and had to be banned for endangering the lives of the driver, passengers and those around them.

Recently one of these customizations in Brazil turned into a flu, this time among truck drivers: The High back, Activists say gives the truck more stability in the corners.

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In the United States, especially in North and South Carolina, a similar practice is supported by pickup truck and truck owners. However, customization involves raising the front of the vehicle.

The inspiration for this organization was born in California, where Baja betting is popular. This is an off-road mode and vehicles have a high front, which prevents them from colliding with the front when landing after a jump.

As a result, fans were inspired by this change and installed it in their vehicles. However, the changes were a bit more:

Customization issues

This change in altitude poses many dangers to the driver and those around him. After all, the visibility of vehicles is significantly reduced as the windshield is pointed upwards. Thus, the headlights of motorists on the opposite side of the road obscure the view.

In addition to worsening driving, pickup trucks lose one of their main functions because it makes it impossible to load inclined loads and eliminates the possibility of using a low hook trailer.

To the detriment of many, 70,000 people in North Carolina petitioned the authorities to ban the organization. They were asked, and in December last year, the Carolina Squad passed the bill, which reads as follows:

It is now against state law for a vehicle’s front bumper to be four or more inches (10 cm) higher than the rear bumper.

Also, if the driver violates this rule three times, he will lose the right to drive for up to 12 months. In South Carolina, which faces a similar problem, customization is still considered legal.

PL, which allowed the modification of the structural components of the automobile such as suspension, wheels and tires, was vetoed in the House of Representatives, contrary to traffic law.

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