December 2, 2023
CAIXA Announced the Value of the Basic PIS Edition for 2021 for Those Born in January?  see a greater amount will be paid;  How to make PIS withdraw and update PIS TABLE

Is the PIS PASEP 2023 CALENDAR of R$1,302 from the base year 2021 confirmed for today (04/11) for those born in November? See if you receive more value; PIS consult PIS schedule and how to withdraw PIS

Pay Base year PIS 2021Call PIS PASEP 2023, delayed due to pandemic COVID-19.

In theory, this PIS This teacher still has to be paid.

As is known, the PIS that it Pay to Federal Savings Bank.

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2021 base year PIS will be paid when?

So this year, the Advisory Board of the Workers’ Support Fund (Codefat) intends to hold a meeting with Government To arrange Evaluation in Pay From Base year PIS 2021/PIS 2023.

Base year 2021 paid in 2023?

a Pay We will get the value Larger if Pay From Base year PIS 2021 Survival to 2023, has also been speculated.

Check your PIS 2023 value and new calendar here

Highest value in 2021

a Pay From PIS related to the value of lowest wages.

Last month , Federal government you sent suggest it lowest wages Will be 1302 Brazilian Real

However, the President Lulawho was elected this year, said he intends to readjust the value of the minimum wage above inflation.

As a result, this amount can be higher.

Who has the right to PIS?

a PIS pays for Workers:

      • They were receiving up to a minimum wage;
      • have performed any paid activity for at least 30 days per year;
      • update data in the registry;
      • They have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years.

Check here how much will be paid for PIS 2023

2022 PIS calendar

a Pay From PIS 2022, Referring to 2020, it can still be withdrawn..


can lead Pull PIS:

  • At automated teller machines.
  • In the Lotéricas and CAIXA Aqui correspondents – with the social card and password;
  • At the CAIXA branch, providing the PIS number and official identification document.


reproduction / pension
PIS value 2022 – reproduction / pension

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