February 28, 2024

Is there a precise step to increase the C6 Bank credit card limit?

From time to time, C6 Bank performs new credit analyzes to grant an increase in the card billing limit to its customers. At the moment, the bank has just released some special advice on its website for users who want to ensure increased credit.

Do you want to know what are the tips and how to get the most useful imitation of your credit card? Then check out all the tips below that we broke just for you at Pronatec!

C6 Bank has posted on their website some tips for customers who want to increase their credit card limit, check it out!
C6 Bank has posted on their website some tips for customers who want to increase their credit card limit, check it out! /Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br

How to increase the credit card limit?

Credit analysis is a technique that several banks periodically use to give a credit card or an upper billing limit to customers. With the intent of helping interested parties get the advantage, C6 Bank has released a list of ways that will ensure you release the excess:

  • First, always pay the bill on time, avoiding delays and interest charges;
  • Also remember to pay the bill in full by the due period;
  • It is preferable to pay the credit on your behalf, and not on behalf of a third party;
  • Also avoid making very long repayments, as a result of which the debt repayment period is much prolonged;
  • So that your score does not receive many simultaneous inquiries, avoid applying for loans in many places at the same time;
  • Specifically about the C6 credit card, avoid getting dizzy;
  • Always keep all of your registration data up to date, including how much you earn per month;
  • Finally, whenever you can, include your accounts in the automatic debit, as this will show the organization that you are a good payer.

An additional tip for those who want to increase their limit is to invest in CBD. That is, if a person wants to free up another 200 R$ to use within the limits of the bill, he can invest the same amount and cause the credit to be freed.

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Advantages of the C6 bank card

Finally, an enterprise credit card has many advantages of its own. If new users are interested in acquiring it, they can count on the following advantages:

  • Of course, every card operation can be done exclusively through the application (Android: https://bityli.com/WiZDRABA or iOS: https://bityli.com/kLoYYfEF);
  • The digital account of the bank does not have any costs;
  • It is possible to make payments by approximation;
  • Customers can even get an additional card or pay more;
  • the possibility of withdrawing funds in banks 24 hours without paying a fee;
  • toll and parking cards;
  • Access to the points program at no additional cost;
  • Zero rate for those who want to invest;
  • access to Matercard Surpreenda;
  • 24 hour service through app chat.

In addition to all this, an interesting detail is that when ordering plastic, the customer can still choose the color he wants: pink, champagne, red, silver or blue. Furthermore, the Mastercard branding guarantees the user access to all the benefits offered by the card concessionaire.

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